Asics Motion ID/Gait Mapping Technology

For runners, the sneakers on their feet can make or break their run. To ensure that runners are using shoes that are right for them, technology is starting to be developed to help athletes determine their running style.

Asics have already started on the journey to help runners answer the illustrious question, “what style shoe should I buy?” Their advanced 3D Foot Mapping system is used to analyse a person’s foot using a laser and micro cameras. The end result is a 3D scan of your foot that can be used to find the Asics running shoe that best matches your running style. Measurements made by the system include foot length, forefoot width, arc height, and other items that when combined are used to select the matching Asics sneaker.

It’s important to have a good running shoe because wearing sneakers that match your gait can help to prevent injuries. The comfort levels are also a bonus incentive.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. The Asics Ambassadors will collect details like your name, birthday, height, and weight.
  2. Stickers connected to a scanner are then placed on your bare feet to measure and map them out. You’ll then step into the scanner for the full analysis.
  3. Finally, you’ll get the results that will show you the dimensions, alignment, and pronation of your foot. All of these things are important for a runner to know as they determine your running style.

The whole process takes less than 20 minutes and the end results are great. When it comes to running you’ll want to put your best foot forward and this Asics technology is the first step in accomplishing this.

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