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GO Sport Entered the Ring for the Dubai 30×30 Challenge

For the entire month of November, Dubai got moving. Tasked with the challenge of getting 30 minutes of fitness for 30 days in a row, the entire city made a commitment to adopting a more active lifestyle. GO Sport entered the challenge by hosting a series of fitness events at our locations throughout the city. Our Mall of Emirates location proved they were ready for action by dropping a 24 x 24-foot boxing ring in front of the gym. The Dubai 30×30 Fitness challenge was tough but we’re so glad to have completed it with the help of Real Boxing Only Gym and Adidas.

To accomplish the mission, our Mall of Emirates location partnered with the premiere boxing gym, Real Boxing Only to host a series of demonstrations on boxing for fitness. There was something for everyone with a variety of kids and teens boxing classes, demonstrations by amateur boxers, and female boxer demonstrations. No excuses were allowed for people to not enter the ring and to get active. Customers also had the chance to work out with the pros during work-outs with Scottish super-welterweight champion Stefan Sanderson, British professional boxer Waleed ‘Dynamite’ Din, and his trainer Anthony ‘Chill’ Wilson.

Participants had an excellent time learning about boxing and how to properly train. Many may be surprised to hear it but boxing is a great way to get active, “because in just 30 minutes of boxing one can burn up to 300 calories – plus it is a huge stress reliever, which is what this city needs!” says Bas Bouwman, Brand Marketing Manager, Almana Fashion Group – Sports Division. This is why we made boxing a core part of our mission to accomplish the Dubai 30×30 challenge. It can create a foundation for leading a happy and healthy life.

If you’re interested in entering the ring yourself, you still have time. As part of our events, Adidas launched their new Hybrid boxing collection. Never before has there been a line designed to optimise a boxer’s energy and improve the speed of their movements. This range also has a large array of clothes for men, women, and children. This comprehensive collection is the perfect way to get the gear you need to be ready for action. Don’t be afraid to stop by our shop for all of the boxing equipment you need and for tips to get started from our staff.

‘We believe that you can become the best version of yourself through boxing, and the best people make up the best city. So, come down to Go Sport and let’s get the city of Dubai boxing!’ ~ Michelle Kuehn, Managing Director, RGB LLC.

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